What Causes Penetrative Damp

What are the main causes of penetrative damp?

Stockport Damp Proofing has experienced over the years that dampness is the result of unwanted moisture in your building that has either come in from outside (by penetrating or rising damp) or from inside (condensation). In either case, this unwanted moisture can cause damage to a building by enabling the growth of fungi and mould, which can cause rotting in any wood, not to mention various negative health side effects. As we live in a very humid country, damp is a serious condition that can affect any property that has not been sufficiently damp-proofed.

Damp presents itself in a similar manner, regardless of the cause. This could be anything from mould and mildew developing on the walls, to rotten woodwork, crumbling plaster, as well as the salt stains on the walls and mouldy/musty smells permeating the room.