Timber infestation is a blanket descriptor applied to some very different organisms, which colonise and feed on the wood found in damp surroundings. It’s important to note that none of these pests is able to establish a colony in a perfectly dry environment, so when present they’re a reliable indicator of a damp problem.

The source of the damp is often as simple as rainwater overflowing from blocked guttering and penetrating your house. It may also be a more subtle issue such as the need to upgrade your damp proofing or even a hidden leak somewhere in your plumbing system.

Stockport Damp Proofing can diagnose and treat your timber infestation and your damp problem with 100% efficacy. We provide specialist help with penetrating damp, rising damp and damp proofing, and can even offer a leak detection service.

Woodworm Or Wood Rot is Secondary to Damp
The organisms, which cause timber infestation, evolved to consume wood in damp forest environments, so they won’t thrive on dry wood.

Your timber infestation may be a case of woodworm (caused by insects) or wood rot (caused by either dry rot or wet rot fungus). Not only can any of these organisms take up residence in your furniture and skirting boards, they may also devour the structural timbers of your home such as the joists and floorboards, causing them to weaken. This is every bit as serious as it sounds.

Browse our pages on the causes of timber infestation, recognising a timber infestation, and treating timber infestation for further information.

Remember: if you have woodworm, wet rot or dry rot, you also have a damp problem so call us today

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