Passive Vents

Passive Air Brick
If you wanted an air vent, but with no noise or moving parts, then a Passive Air Brick is the best option.  Completely passive operation 24 hours a day and requires no running costs.

Passive Vents
Passive Air Vents are small, quick and easy to install.  They are great at promoting air replacement, but without any drafts.  They come with sound insulation, as well as dust insulators and fly screens on the external grille.  It comes with a cord-changeable airflow control and is an economical, if slightly slower option to a dehumidifier of positive air vent.

Both of these are great options for maintaining a good airflow around your property, to help prevent the return of condensation and mould.  However, in moisture rich environments, such as kitchens and bathrooms, an Extractor Fan is a must.

Positive Pressure Ventilation Unit
The last option for maintaining good air flow around your property is a Positive Pressure Ventilation Unit. These units are designed to create a continual flow of clean fresh air around the property, and whilst doing so, create a positive pressure in the building. This helps to push out any moisture-laden air out through natural egresses in the building. These units are typically installed either in lofts, outside walls or a cupboard in the kitchen.