Cavity Drainage Systems

f a cement-based tanking system was not suitable for your location, then we are able to install a Cavity Drain Membrane (CDM) instead. The CDM is a grooved or studded membrane that allows channels beneath it for water to flow. Rather than preventing the water from penetrating through the wall, a CDM allows the water to seep through in a controlled manner. The water is then rerouted through a drainage channel and directed to either a designated drainage point, or a sump pump which then pumps out the accumulated water. It is advisable to get an alarm fitted to the pump in case of failure, so that you are quickly aware of the problem and can act before any flooding occurs.

The whole membrane system is completely sealed to ensure that it is water tight, and hence create a completely dry interior room. These are equally as effective as a cement based tank and once the CDM has been installed, you can then treat it like any other wall and plaster it. We will then finish off the room to your requirements, including laying down of flooring.

There are many advantages of using a CDM over a cement based system, including utilising the air gap to aid the wall in drying out, preventing pressure from building up against the internal wall, and not to mention that it is easier to install, maintain and repair should the need arise.