If you have a basement or cellar that is no longer in use because it is always wet or damp, then we can fix this for you. It is possible to waterproof, or to give it the technical term, Tank, any subterranean rooms that you might own, and make them fit for use once again. We do this using the Vandex Tanking System. Tanking your basement or cellar is a simple process. Firstly we would remove all the plasterwork and damaged masonry, exposing the original brickwork, concrete or masonry of the building.

We then clean and wash original foundation layer, by bush hammering, jet washing or grit blasting.

We treat any salt contamination that we find, to prevent a spread in the future.

Once done, we apply a layer of either sand/cement render (in a 3:1 ratio) approximately 10-20mm deep, or Vandex mortar, approximately 5mm deep, to ensure that the walls and floor are now completely smooth. We then apply two coats of Vandex BB75 to damp-proof the room. We then apply another layer of either the sand/cement render or Vandex mortar.

Once this has set, we finish off with a Vandex plaster coat, and the basement or cellar is then ready for decorating at your leisure.

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