What Causes Condensation?

What are the main causes of condensation?

Condensation is ultimately the consequence of increased water vapour in the air inside your home. Where ventilation is poor the moist air lingers, and when it comes into contact with cold surfaces (such as your windows) it condenses, resulting in patches of damp.

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Condensation is an Everyday Problem

It’s pretty much impossible not to generate moist air. The normal activities of your daily life such as cooking, drying clothes, running a bath, showering and even breathing result in the creation of moisture. This is why, at least in the UK, the air inside your home is generally wetter than the air outside it.

Condensation is Worsened by Conditions Inside Your Home

Where air is allowed to circulate freely, there won’t be a condensation problem. Likewise, if there are no cold surfaces, there will be little opportunity for atmospheric moisture to condense. So if you have a condensation problem, it means that certain aspects of your home’s structure are less than satisfactory.

Condensation very commonly occurs in Victorian houses which have been modernised. Victorian property developers were aware of the need for adequate ventilation, and houses from this era are often uncomfortably draughty and chilly to those of us accustomed to contemporary standards of comfort. But modifications like draught proofing and better fitting windows can reduce air circulation and create a condensation problem.

Condensation is Both a Cause and a Symptom of Damp

As you remember from the beginning of this account, a condensation problem results from air which is more than usually moist. Aside from the normal activities of your daily life, damp air inside your home can result from an underlying condition such as rising damp or penetrating damp. So if you do have an issue with condensation, by all means try to reduce it by the measures suggested elsewhere on this website, but don’t forget that you should also book a survey with a damp proofing specialist to make sure that there isn’t a more serious issue underneath.

Remember: condensation can be caused by a more serious condition such as rising damp or penetrating damp. Book your free damp survey with Stockport Damp Proofing today