Recognising Condensation

By its very nature, condensation is a seasonal problem in the UK. Because of the warmer temperatures and better air circulation common in spring and summer, condensation tends to be noticed most in the colder days of winter. If you’ve got a condensation problem in your home, you’ll probably be aware of some or all of the following signs.

Musty ‘Jumble Sale’ Smell
This is something people tend to notice and then attempt to cover with air fresheners, not realising that it’s presence points to a significant problem. If you’ve lived with this issue in your home environment for a while you may have stopped noticing it, but your friends and visitors won’t. So to be absolutely sure your home doesn’t smell musty, ask members of your social circle for their honest opinion.

Water Stains and Streaks
We’re all familiar with the appearance of condensation on windows and other impermeable surfaces. But if your walls are absorbent, i.e. painted with Farrow & Ball eggshell or covered by wallpaper, the effect of condensation will be quite different. You’ll probably see the occasional damp patch, but you’re more likely to notice blotches, streaks or damp patches with no clear edges.

Black Mould, Which Causes Health Problems
Black mould grows on absorbent surfaces like wallpaper and paint, and is the most reliable sign that you’ve got a problem with condensation. Unfortunately, it’s also incredibly damaging to your health. Breathing in the spores of black mould can result in a condition called Aspergillosis: the symptoms of this ailment vary from mild wheezing via a fever and flu-like symptoms to coughing up blood.

Black mould isn’t good for anybody, but if you have asthma or a compromised immune system you’re especially well advised to keep away from it. So not only is condensation a problem for your property, it’s a major issue for your health.

Additionally, your condensation problem may be caused by an underlying matter such as penetrative damp. If your home suffers from heavy or persistent condensation, why not book your free survey with Stockport Damp Proofing use the form below and set your mind at rest? Alternatively, phone the experts.