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If your home shows signs of damp, you already know how unsightly the problem can be. But damp frequently gives rise to mould, which in turn can affect your respiratory and immune systems. And if left untreated, damp always becomes more severe, eventually causing damage to the structure of your property and lowering its value.

A lot can be done to deal with damp. With prompt diagnosis and treatment, the underlying causes can be addressed and structural damage repaired. When you first notice you’ve got a damp problem, that’s the right time to take action and call a damp proofing specialist.

Causes of Damp in Stockport

The top three causes of damp are:

·       Condensation

·       Penetrating damp

·       Rising damp

Environmental & Structural Factors

Damp is the result of environmental and structural factors. Houses built on a flood plain, such as those in much of Stockport, need effective damp coursing or basement tanking, since their lower floors often extend below the water table. Victorian properties, like the ones found in desirable areas of Stockport, like Bramhall, Davenport, Hazel Grove, ect were built to different standards than today’s and are vulnerable to penetrating and rising damp. In many cases, insensitive modification has added condensation issues, too.

Britain’s weather patterns are clearly changing, with hotter summers and wetter, wilder winters. Floods and torrential rains are becoming commonplace, so if your home predates the 21st century you probably need to revise your damp proofing. Stockport Damp Proofing specialises in conservation damp proofing, and we will always recommend a treatment plan, which respects your property’s heritage.

Diagnosing Your Damp

Consult our online guides if you’re not sure what’s causing your damp problem, or call us for advice on 01612921695 or 07891513566.

Damp Treatment

The best way of dealing with damp depends on its cause. For condensation, better ventilation, insulation and more effective heating can work wonders. Penetrating damp can be treated by applying water repellent coatings to your home’s external walls, and rising damp is usually prevented with an effective damp proof course.

Sometimes damp problems are complex, with different causes interacting to produce extensive damage. The quickest and easiest way forward is to get in touch with an expert. We deliver a 100% diagnosis and cure rate for all damp problems, and our treatment products are guaranteed up to 30 years.

Why Use Stockport Damp Proofing Company?

We’re a friendly, hardworking team led by surveyors who’ve been Stockport damp proofing for 10 years. Supported by the UK’s leading damp proofing technology, our knowledge of rising damp, penetrative damp, condensation and their remedies is unparalleled. And we offer a 100% diagnosis and cure guarantee.

If you’re in Stockport Cheshire, why not book your damp survey now?


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